Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Poem for my True Friends :)

You have been with me through thick and thin
You are my best defense for a certain win
You light up my day
With ur heart so full of love....

When I think about you
The first thought that comes to my mind
Is you have always been there for me
And that’s what matters in friendship
It doesn’t matter how often we talk
What matters is we’ll be there for each other no matter what

I know I can share anything with you
Be it silly, stupid but true
And you don’t judge me based on that
Coz u see my heart beneath that

You always inspire me when I am really down
You always know how to say the right thing
You have always inspired me to be me
Becoz u made me believe in the person of me

You r very close to my heart
And I know I am also to urs
And no matter where we are
I know ill always find you beside me wherever we are

Undying Faith...................

Faith.. it’s the one thing common to all religions….

Well, in today’s world there are so many religions everyone is following. Some people believe in the “Supernatural Power” some in “Ganpati” some in “Jesus Christ” some in “Allah”, but in the end what matters is the amount of faith you have in whatever you believe in.
Faith makes miracles happen, not the God.  I know being a Catholic I am making a very wrong sentence here, but who can answer my question of why miracles happen when people pray with faith to “Ganpati”, why do miracles happen when people pray with faith to “Allah”. There is no answer to these questions right?

So that makes me believe in all religions, you choose the one in which you have faith. You have faith that “your God” will always, no matter what, make your life the way you pray (want) it to be.

Or let me put it that way, that makes me come back to the “the secret” theory. That your life is how you make it. That if you believe in something, have faith that it will happen, there is no possibility that it won’t happen because there is no chance that it can’t happen. As in “the Secret” book, the author calls it “the Universe”, she refers to the Law of Attraction:

It states that: “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And its attracted to you by virtue of the images your holding in your mind. Its what you’re thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind, you are attracting.”
So if you are thinking of a miracle, then you sure are going to attract a miracle in your life :-)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dream a dream.. repost :)

Well, I am reposting this post of mine :) love it and I am so glad I can read it again and get inspired :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knowing God's Will

Well, God's will has always been "my interesting topic for always."
and recently i read a post on this, i liked it so much, i have modified it to write what i feel.

Everyone of us are extremely stressed when trying to discern God's will: Should I marry this particular man, should I quit my job, should I move, should I (fill in the blank)? How do I make sure that this choice is God's will and not my own?

It's a very great thing to want to do God's will in all things, but one shouldn't be so afraid about somehow stepping outside of God's will that they become anxiety-ridden. The angst they feel in not wanting to offend God by making the "wrong" choice is severe, and it can be debilitating.

But we should remember on thing: When our intentions are good and the choices before us are moral, we are free!

Let me restate it another way: As long as we are not choosing something evil, we are free to embrace any path that God opens before us. So, you are free to choose to adopt that baby, to marry that man, to take (or quit) that job, to move to that city, to buy that house, or any other morally option. You are also free to choose not to adopt that baby, not to marry that man, etc.

Our free will is the greatest gift God gives us, allowing us the dignity to choose our own path, as long as we do not choose sin. Sin is the only thing that offends God, the only thing that he will not bless, and the only thing that is not within His will for us. If we are not choosing sin, then we remain in a state of grace. This is a beautiful, liberating truth, which leaves little room for fear and anxiety!

But then, of course, the question becomes: How do we choose between two moral options?

Well, remember, we are talking about two moral options (immoral choices are never acceptable). If God places two or more moral choices before us, then we should go with the choice which brings us the most interior peace. If we feel more tranquility at the thought of choosing Option A, then we go with Option A. Option A may actually cause us more external suffering or hardship, but that is of no consequence. It's about the peace we feel in our soul.

But wait! This is important! Even if a soul should "miss" whatever path God may have originally laid out for him, that person still has not committed a sin if his intentions were good! This is so important for people to know. God will work with whatever path we have put ourselves on. He is pleased to honor our choices. He is not a puppet master pulling our strings. He is a loving Father who delights in seeing His children choose freely.

Think about it in earthly terms: If I am a healthy parent, I will be happy to support my child whether he chooses to be a doctor or an artist or a carpenter. Those are all honorable goals, and though I might prefer he pick one career over another, it's not my choice to make. (Of course, I will not support my child's decision to be an abortionist, or a prostitute, or a loan shark.)

So, instead of agonizing over every movement and decision, enjoy the authentic freedom of free will. We know that the only slavery is slavery to sin. If you are not choosing sin as an option, then put aside your anxiety, and enjoy your God-given freedom!

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