Friday, March 4, 2011

Forming Our Conscience

Well, yesterday my mind got a new topic to think of during the young adults discussion that we had….. forming our conscience…

We were having a discussion on God’s will (my favourite topic) and while we were discussing that we know that God speaks to us in our hearts, what we call our conscience, but how do we know its God speaking or just our past experiences and hurt. For us to hear God we should have a relationship with him. We should talk to him. Pray to him. Read the word. Diana said, somebody can’t do an abortion and say that my conscience told me to do that. Yes agreed ur conscience may not be formed by faith, but by past experiences, hurt etc. here the concept of forming your conscience comes into picture.

Conscience is a natural facility of our reason that does three things:
1.      Reminds us always to do good and avoid evil.
2.      Makes a judgment about the good and evil of particular choices in a specific situation.
3.      Bears witness after the fact to the good or evil that we have done. (I.e., having a guilty conscience.)

Conscience is a powerful and remarkable facility that is distinctly human.
Understand that conscience is a judgment of reason. It uses the objective principles of the moral law to judge the morality of acts in specific circumstances. Conscience is not itself the source of the moral law.
Practicing the virtues is another aspect of forming the conscience. This not only lets us do good acts, but it trains the will to desire to do good. In particular, the virtue of prudence affects the ability of conscience to judge rightly.

I always believe we have a good mind and a bad evil mind. The good mind wants to do things for the greater glory of God, for the greater good, to behave like God’s children, to do His will in our lives, to be good, just like God. The good mind wants to forgive and forget, wants to move ahead when you have fallen many times, the good mind wants to ask for forgiveness. The bad mind tries to analyse the past experiences, the past relationships and will make a decision based on seriously silly things which are not important. The bad mind will think twice before doing good.

Forming our conscience comes when we know what is right, and we do what is right. We choose to do what’s right. Whats right for us and in God's eyes and also the Will of God in our lives.So let us form our conscience in faith, strong faith. So we can always live the lives God has planned for us. Let us listen to God in our hearts, let us yearn to listen to him, he is waiting to talk to you, only if you allow him to?? Are u allowing him???