Sunday, September 16, 2012

Barfi!!!!! :)

I am writing a post after a long time J well, because I have watched a wonderful beautiful movie after a long time…
Barfi, actually there are so many things I loved about the movie…

First things I loved that life always offers you second chances, its upto us to take them, and we can always take a second chance when we let go completely of what was our first chance, if you know what I mean J. When we truly believe that tomorrow is a new day with new priorities, with new opportunities. When we are no longer scared to risk it again!!! We just have to give love a chance, and magic! It happens!

And that the biggest risk in life is not taking any risks!! Makes so much sense J

Also loved one dialogue in the movie the most, that when we fall in love, we do so without thinking, we never decide and love… it just happens, so when we fall in love without thinking, why do we think so later, but not simply just love J

What I also loved about the movie is, when you love a person, that person is your priority, and it doesn’t matter what priorities people in your past had, you would always shift your priorities. It is impossible to believe in this, considering we don’t trust the “future”, but take examples from your past. Consider a friend with whom you shared some really great moments, memorable happy one’s, but now though you shared so much happiness then, doesn’t hold the same priority, the only people who are your priority are the people whom you love, and who love you back, people who respect you for the person you are… and love you for the person you are always!!
And yes, if you give love a chance(again!) it will surely come into your life… J

The movie is about being happy always, finding happiness in small little things… happiness doesn’t depend on the place, situation, circumstances, other people’s decisions, your happiness depends on you, and you can be happy if you want to be happy J its as simple as that J just smile, be grateful for what life has offered, and be happy J the choice has always been and is yours.

Also loved the trust test in the movie J when you trust a person, you never think of anything else, you simply just trust the person…… it touched my heart so much, when Jhilmil doesn’t leave his side, actually she is unaware of anything else, J she just knows that Barfi is with her, and that’s what matters to her J that scene is my favorite one J