Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what u REALLY want!!

Remembered a dialogue from Jab we met, after chatting with a friend via mails...

"jo kuch insaan real main chahta hai, actual main, use wohi milta hai..."

and then i remembered the story too, yes after certain time Shahid Kapoor is full of positive energy. he gets what he wants, peace of mind and he also responsibly takes over from his dad's business :)

but what about the girl who told this dialogue, she didnt get married to Anshuman and then i realized that maybe she had a doubt in her mind, somewhere that he wouldnt get married to her, and if u have a doubt how would u want to get married to someone who doesnt want to get married to you, u wouldnt want that, you would want to be accepted and loved :) and i was wondering ki woh actual main chahti kya thi?? shayad sirf sachcha pyaar, shayad adventurous zindagi ;-) whatever the case...

it is true, insaan jo sachme chahta hai use wohi milta hai, kabhi hum jaante nahi hai hum kya chahte hai, kahi chupa hota hai woh but samajh aa jayega :) agar tum chaho toh :)

u always get what u REALLY, ACTUALLY want :)