Monday, November 29, 2010

There is ALWAYS room for hope!!!!

The Lord God will wipe away the tears from all faces. – Isaiah 25:8

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent (that’s Christmas time), it’s the time for hope, for happiness as the birth of Jesus Christ symbolizes that. This particular verse from the Bible expresses the belief that no matter what happens to us, God will be there to comfort and support us. It’s amazing how “hope” can change one’s life. It can bring a smile on a person’s face who is going to face death soon, but is just happy that he can see the sunrise for the next day. Hope many a times is the sole reason for many people to live… to be happy…. To maintain hope in our world is difficult. With so many countries at war, so many people living in fear, no peace and happiness, so many illnesses, and the personal difficulties every person faces, it is difficult to have hope. But in spite of that, there is always room for Hope. First we hope that nothing bad will ever happen to us, then we hope that we will get through the tough things that do happen, then we hope that god will be there to wipe away our tears as we search for relief and consolation….

There is always room for hope…………………… enough room……………

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aaoge jab tum O Saajana

Movie: Jab we met
Lyricist: Irshad Kamil
Artist: Ustad Rashid Khan

one of my favourite songs :)

Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajana - 2

Angana Phool Khilenge
Barsega Saawan, Barsega Saawan Jhoom Jhoomke
Do Dil Aise Milenge
Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajana, Angana Phool Khilenge

Naina Tere Kajraare Hai, Naino Pe Hum Dil Haare Hai
Anjaane Hi Tere Naino Ne Waade Kiye Kayi Saare Hai
Saanson Ki Lay Madham Chalein, Tose Gaye
(Barasega Saawan - 2) Jhoom Jhoomke, Do Dil Aise Milenge

Aaoge Jab Tum Ho Saajana, Angana Phool Khilenge
Chanda Ko Taaku Raaton Mein, Hai Zindagi Tere Haanthon Mein
Palkon Pe Jhilmil Taarein Hain, Aana Bhari Barsaaton Mein
Sapnon Ka Jahaan, Hoga Kela Kela

(Barasega Saawan - 2) Jhoom Jhoomke, Do Dil Aise Milenge

Monday, November 22, 2010

Simply Bollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I saw the movie “jab we met” and loved the movie once again….. I still don’t know whether it’s the truth of life (have to still realize this difficult part of life ;-)) or they just show some “so called facts” in each movie….

Most of the movies are firstly based on love…. Because that’s the only emotion which has varied facets to it, an emotion which can be described in innumerable ways, which can be felt in exceptionally unusual ways by different individuals.

And most of the movies either fall in three categories: one where the girl/boy has experienced a break up, or either the boy/girl is trying to win back the true love of their life, or how two totally opposite (in every way) individual’s fall in love…

Well lately I have come across many movies which involve a break up (because there seems to be a lot of movies releasing on this subject, seriously ;-) like anjaana anjaani, jhootha hi sahi) and there is one positive thing about this disappointing thing….. That you surely find your true love after your breakup, whatever may happen. So in a way if your heart breaks you will be sure that you will surely find your true love. The only common thing in all movies is that the person who brings the person out of this breakup mess is his/her true love. Here is where the similarity ends…

Here my only nagging question in mind is “does it always have to be your soul mate who will bring you out of this mess?” cant it be any other friend... A best friend… a person who just understands you… not necessarily your soul mate… I tried to think about this a lot…

And I think I got the answer, a friend/ a best friend/ a person who understands your situation will be able to keep you happy for a while… not only for a little while but even for a really long time too….

But only your soul mate will heal you of the past hurt and bring alive the true love :-). Only your soul mate will fill in the void…….that was left by a previous person……….

And well while I was voicing my thoughts with one of my special friend I got another insight to this. When you are trying to win back your love and have tried the usual emotion of “jealousy” and you are probably doing natak of pyaar with another person hoping that your “so called” first true love realizes it you actually fall in love with the person with whom you are doing natak. (Pyaar toh hona hi tha, Aap ki khatir)

Hehehe :-) ;-) Bollywood rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope..................... for a wonderful tomorrow

Beautiful memories of the past
Makes it hard to believe that your first true love dint last
Every memory good or bad
Reminds you of the wonderful time u had

U realize why u r sad
U also know what will make u glad
But every time you try to move on
The hope in your heart also builds on

What your heart needs is an assurance
That you’ll be happy in the future
That you’ll be ready to give yourself a chance
To love and give more and more

You need God to tell you
That your heart will love again
That someday u will find the love true
That will make a dull day seem bright then

That one day your heart will trust someone
More than anyone it will learn to trust yourself again
And in spite of the hurt in your heart
You’ll trust yourself to be faithful again

That you’ll not doubt yourself for not loving with all your heart
That every action you’ll do will be out of love
That you’ll try to make a brand new start
With blessings from God above

Where the memories of the past hurt won’t harm you…
Nor will you have any bitter memories
It will be a new found love
For which you will be grateful

One day you’ll know that all it takes to start over again.
Is to accept things with serenity and a little faith
And to know that you live your life just once
And not living in the past

And you’ll thank god for the way your life has been
For you couldn’t think of a more beautiful life to live
That ul find a place that’s called a safe heaven
Where the hope of love will stay alive...............

Life is how YOU make it

Well, everyone must have heard it many times that Life is how you make it…. Well I strongly believe in it :-)

Because my life has been what I have made it… my life has been interesting, adventurous, full, complete, wonderful, beautiful, scary (at times when I don’t know how did I get in this situation ;-)), hilarious, happy, sad, disappointing, confused, thrilling :P but most of the times funny would describe it :-)

Well I am strongly stating this because recently I have encountered another of “the alchemist” experience.

Well as u all must know (though some of you who are not Harry Potter fans might have just ignored the posters and the trailers) that the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part-1” is releasing on the 19th November 16, 2010 in India and worldwide I guess…. But South Africa chooses to be a little hatke…. They are showing preview shows on the 19th and 21st, and officially releasing it on the 24th November 2010. Really wonder why!!!!

Well, first of all, I didn’t know that the “Gauteng Film Commission” (that’s the film Committee in the state of Gauteng in which lies the city Johannesburg) has decided to only release “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1” on the 24th so I went on Friday the 12th, evening to the theatre so I could get tickets for the 21st as I am eagerly waiting to watch the movie.

I reach the theatre after a half hour drive. The theatre’s called Montecasino and its basically an Entertainment area with a Casino, theatre, 10 movie screens, coffee shops, restaurants, people playing music and basically one of the few places that’s gun safe in South Africa and open till late in the night (the other malls here close at 6 or latest 7 and carrying a gun here is for your own safety :-)). It is one of those romantic places where u see a lot of couples just roaming around or having coffee. Well I go straight to the ticket counter (I have the club card so have a different queue to follow). I enquire about tickets for 21st, and I get the weirdest answer from the lady behind the counter saying “well, you have to go and purchase the “YOU” magazine and ul get the tickets, Ma’am.”

When she said that, I certainly didn’t believe her and laughed it off thinking to myself what a crazy idea to sell tickets only when you buy a certain magazine. And to think of me as being foolish I dint even confirm with her or ask too many questions. I simply thought that she was having a really busy day and had gone a little insane on a Friday evening telling me to buy a magazine ;-).

Well anyways I took a ticket for “Life as we know it” for a Sunday show and then I spend the remaining evening wandering around and reading my book (I always carry a book with me and my recent favorite author is Nicholas Sparks) sitting on one of the benches meant for couples :P.

On Sunday, the 14th November I was very adamant to find out how do I get tickets for the Harry Potter movie show on the 21st. and so just before the movie “Life as we know it” starts I again go to the ticket counter and ask them the same question. Their answer doesn’t change a bit. The lady behind the counter still tells me “well, you have to go and purchase the “YOU” magazine and ul get the tickets, Ma’am.”

By now I was really exasperated and I asked her for a little detailed explanation as to why is it so? And after the explanation I was convinced that I wouldn’t get a ticket for the Sunday show unless I buy that magazine and come and show them some page clipping. Well I was pretty determined to get the tickets for Sunday, due to prior commitments made by myself ;-).

So I decided I had to get the magazine and bring it here. Well I had come to watch a movie and I just couldn’t go right now. so I watched “Life as we know it” and simply loved it.

After watching the movie I went to a mall and bought the magazine and then came back to the theatre to get the tickets. I gave them the page clipping and I got a pleasant surprise. They gave me four tickets which I could utilize to watch any movie and the tickets are valid till the 30th of November 2010. I was so elated and it once again made me believe “jo bhi tum dil se chahte ho, sach me, really, actually, who tumhe mil jaata hai” well this doesn’t mean god will give u everything u hope for… but it should also comply with “god’s will.” Well but still I really love it when I have such beautiful experiences in my life. It tells me “Life is indeed beautiful!”

The day arrives… it is 21st November 21, 2010 today and as the tickets I had could be utilized for any movie I arrive at the theatre at 9 in the morning so I can get the confirmed Harry Potter movie ticket (02:30 p.m). And as always I have another surprise for me ;-). The girl behind the counter gets me 4 movie tickets for Harry Potter with no seat numbers written on them. I again request her to give me confirmed seats and she tells me that the seats are on first come first serve basis. Now I am really in for an adventurous day. Well, but I know that I am determined to watch the movie come what may :-) and well the alchemist theory really truly works for me  and finally I get to see the movie sitting on the second last row with free popcorn and a fanta :-)

I should say I really am grateful to the “Gauteng Film Commission” to release Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1 a little late here so I could happily experience the “sneak preview” show.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Adhoore Lyrics

Well here comes another Song from my favourite lyricist Prasoon Joshi...

ek aawara nadi chalke woh khul ke sansanaati sanan sanan
aur woh hai jheel sa khaamoshiyon ki ek tarang liye tarang
rishta yeh kaisa jalti ret paaon ka
rishta yeh kaisa chand din dhoop chaaon ka
wooo adhoore tum, adhoore hum bin tumhare

mutthiyon mein baadalon ko le ke woh nichod de
woh raat ki chuppi mein shor natkhat chod de
bebaak hai, bindaas hai
use zindagi ki pyaas hai
paas hai, par dooriyaan

makhmali majbooriyaan hain
adhoore tum, adhoore hum bin tumhaare

Mann ke kamro mein, woh khole khushbuon ki sheeshiyan
Saahilon pe dhoondta hai, ishq wali seepiyan
Pyaar hai romance hai, bas yehi saransh hai
Do dilon ke darmiyan, khwahishon ki kashtiyan hai
O adhoore Tum adhoore hum bin tumhare
O adhoore Tum adhoore hum bin tumhare

ek aawara nadi chalke woh khul ke sansanaati sanan sanan
aur woh hai jheel sa khaamoshiyon ki ek tarang liye tarang
rishta yeh kaisa jalti ret paaon ka
rishta yeh kaisa chand din dhoop chaaon ka
wooo adhoore tum, adhoore hum bin tumhare

Friday, November 5, 2010

Your Happyness is your cHoIcE

I just read this somewhere.... thought I'll share it here.... And I really feels its so true.... its like someone has spoken whats in my mind.....
Its so true... Your happiness is truly your choice :-)

Do you feel unhappy and trapped in your present circumstances? It's not an uncommon feeling, especially in today's modern world. And it's easy to believe you're trapped without choices, that you're somehow at the mercy of everything and everyone around you ... that somehow your happiness depends on things over which you have no control.

Let me ask you this question: who is responsible for your happiness? Shouldn't it be you?

I'm here to tell you that everyone has complete and total control over their happiness. If you find that hard to believe, let me explain.

1. Your happiness is your Choice. If you're unhappy with where you are, recognize you are where you are because of the choices and decisions you've made up to now in your life. This is something that you may or may not at first blush agree with and it's something that took me a long time to understand. We're conditioned to believe we have no choices. We live where we live because that's where our parents lived. We work where we work because it's the only job we believe we can get. The result is that we tend to get stuck in the status quo because we believe we have no choice. Yet the truth is we always have a choice and, in fact, doing nothing to change our circumstances is in itself, a choice. If you don't like your job, why not look for another one? If you don't want a job, why not start your own business? If you don't like where you live, why not look for somewhere else to live? Too often, we get caught in the trap of waiting for something or someone else to bring change to us, failing to realize that our happiness is our responsibility and no one else's. You always have a choice to accept things the way they are or to begin to do something about it.

2. Choose your own thoughts. Taking personal responsibility for your happiness begins by beginning to deliberately choose your thoughts. Rather than buying into all of the "no you can't", start to deliberately think "yes I can". When you start deliberately choosing your thoughts, all of a sudden you begin to feel inspired and you start to look at the world and your circumstances in another way. You begin to see opportunities rather than problems. You begin to shift your mindset away from being a victim of your circumstances.

3. Take the action. Once you begin to choose your own thoughts and start identifying opportunities, you begin to feel inspired. You start to feel yourself compelled to take certain actions that will begin to move you towards what you want. The minute you begin to take actions, you've begun the cycle of assuming responsibility for your results -- and for your happiness. If you're not willing or afraid to take an action, ask yourself how badly you really want change. If you really want it badly enough, then take responsibility for initiating the action. There's no point waiting for someone else to because that's only going to prolong the current situation in which you're unhappy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Love is a priceless gift
Love is selfless and ever-giving
Love revives your soul and spirit
Love also makes your heart go singing

Love makes you believe in your dreams
Even though the journey impossible seems
Love makes u feel beautiful
Love makes all things possible

Love instills true hope in your heart
Love also brings God close to your heart
Love is just pure joy
All sorrow it destroys

Love is going on a long drive
Even while it is raining
Love is exploring a new place
Love is simply amazing
Love is laughing and playing
Love is simply having fun
Love is also together praying
Love is always being one